Welcome to Zhonga.org, a full-fledged English to Chinese online dictionary useful in looking up words in a convenient manner without the need to have a heavy bound book lying around.

Chinese-English Dictionary

Consisting of more than 450 thousand translations, the Chinese-English dictionary is your best bet for easy search. Here, you can type in your search query and the dictionary displays the result. Each result will show translations, usage examples and the Pinyin (translation into Latin script).

Features also include pronunciation of Chinese words and the ability to search by using radicals.

English-Chinese Dictionary

The English-Chinese dictionary boasts over 390 thousand globally-recognized translations. To easily search for the Chinese translations of your English words, you can insert them in the textbox and the dictionary does the rest. Not only will translations be shown, but everyday usage examples will be included in the result.

Additionally, you can browse through a list of suggestions that are generated as you type in your search query.


To make your search easier and more effective, you can use wildcards.
  • For instance, to find words starting with you, use you*. For words starting with , use 你*.
  • For words ending in you, use *you. For words ending in , use *你
  • For words containing you, type *you*. For words containing , type *你*